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Week 1 (Ohio Mega Camp)

Watch the action and learn from the lectures!

Week 1 of the Ohio Mega Camps was centered around foundational strokes and footwork. Check out the action and watch the videos!

There are 6 aspects of every stroke. Regardless if you are a beginner or professional, you need to learn these elements of the stroke and be willing to adjust them as necessary during both drills and match play.

#1 Preparation
Preparation involves seeing what type of shot your opponent did. Without understanding what type of ball is approaching, it is difficult to choose the right shot.

#2 Body Position
Based on what is coming, you obviously need to get your feet there not only laterally side-to-side, but also in-and-out.

#3 Backswing
There are 4 elements of the backswing that are critically important – having the right length of backswing, right height, right racket angle, and having the ability to adjust. The backswing is where many players go wrong. Based on what you hit, where your hit, and your positioning, you need to learn to backswing based on the actual ball that is coming and be willing to adjust and re-adjust.

#4 Contact Point
There are 4 elements to the contact point – the timing (contact on the rise, top, or fall), the friction and/or force that you apply, the amount of acceleration at contact, and the point on the ball that you touch. For looping, pushing, flipping, and blocking, it is recommended that beginners learn a consistent contact point when developing a good foundation. After the foundation is established, it is important to play at various timings, add various amounts of speed and spin, and contact the ball at different points to give higher, lower, shorter, deeper, and wider variations.

#5 Follow Through
As you choose to hit deeper or shorter or add more power or less power, you need to know how long your follow through should be. For example, when pushing long and short, your backswing will be relatively similar. However, your follow-through will be very short, very abrupt for the short push and will be much longer for the deep push. For the passive block, your follow through will be short with deceleration on the active block, your follow through will be much longer with moderate acceleration.

#6 Preparation
Instead of watching your fabulous shot and celebrating, every stroke every stroke every stroke EVERY STROKE ends with preparation for the next shot. If you wait to see if your shot hit or not, you are already late for the next hit. Mental and physical preparation is critical based on your shot selection, placement, speed, spin, height, depth, etc…

Please realize that many of these concepts can be learned within minutes, but it takes years of quality practicing doing the right things to perfect them!

June 2018 Ohio Mega Camp

Ohio Mega Camps
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