Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Ball Powder?

Where are you contacting the ball on your racket?

Training Camp Videos

Training and Lectures

Lecture - Tactical Analysis of a New Opponent

Lecture - Adding/Stopping Spin

Lecture - Details of Blocking

Lecture - Table Tennis Terminology

US Nationals Team Championship - Division 1 Finals

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Backhand Loop Lecture

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TT-Flex™ Students

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Check out this recent video of my students learning to use TT-FLEX

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Cleveland 19 News

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Open Final RR

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Core Training

Watch the Video and Listen to the Advice

In table tennis, the core is considered to be the foundation of everything.
By strengthening your core you can...
1. Produce better weight transfer
2. Maintain better balance
3. Transition faster between forehand and backhand
4. Prevent injuries

Check out this 10 minute routine:

Best of 2017

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Pizza Paddle vs Mini Bat

Samson Dubina vs Mark Schwab


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