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Here are a few short sections from the DVD.

Chopping Advice

Check out this video interview with Angela Guan

Angela Guan is currently the #1 American chopper. In this interview, she will be answering the questions...

#1 Why do choppers use pips?

#2 Why do choppers twiddle their rackets during the rallies?

#3 What advice would you give to beginner choppers?

#4 What does the future of choppers around the world?

Advice From Lily Zhang

lily zhang
Watch this Video Interview



Lily Zhang is one of the best rolemodels in the table tennis world for young athletes.  She works very hard in practice, gives her best to perfect all aspects of the game, and plays tournaments with total focus and determination.  Champion Lily has won many titles including US National Champion, Youth Olympic Medalist, World Junior Championship Medalist, and many more.  Check out this interview and learn from Lily's example.



In 2015, you played professionally at the WSA Academy in Austria.  What was your daily training schedule?

Massimo Costantini - Part II

Watch this interview and learn about the mental side of table tennis!





Massimo Costantini Interview - Part II
The Mental Side of Table Tennis

Learn about the mental side of the game, learn about overcoming nerves, learn how to win deuce games, learn about visualization, and much much more!!!

Massimo Costantini - Part I

Check out this new video interview!

Check out this 2-part video interview. The first part is on the physical side of table tennis and the second part is on the mental side of table tennis. Here are some of the discussion topics that Coach Massimo Constantini discusses during the first interview - serve return, training routines, training cycles, unique drills, and much much more!

Ladder Drills

Check out this video!

Check out these ladder drills perfectly designed to improve your tt footwork....

Another #1

Read the Update About.....International Table Tennis Skills




In addition to the #1 selling book, we have another top seller!!!

Results and Video

Paddle Palace Akron Open

Paddle Palace Akron Open
USATT Santioned 2-Star Tournament
Dec 11-12, 2015

Title Sponsor: Paddle Palace
Food Sponsor: Subway
Table Sponsor: Butterfly
Facility: The House of the Lord

We would like to thank the 71 players who participated in our weekend tournament playing over 400 matches on 13 tables. We would also like to thank our workers - Blake Cottrell, Ron Arcaro, Sam Dubina, Samson Dubina, Chen Cottrell, Scott Cottrell, and our wonderful photographer Chris Jordan. Tournament photos will be available soon. Check back for updates!

The Secret

Boost Your Game with this Subtle Improvement...

For the last nine years, I have been a 2400 level player.  This year, I have been consistently playing 2500-2550 level for the last 8 months and winning most tournaments.  Ok, so what is my secret? 
No, no, no it isn’t booster or steroids or a flashy serve or a powerful smash…
So, what is it?
It is something very, subtle. 
It is something that most players, most spectators, most coaches, and most of my opponents have not noticed.  

Footwork Tips

Check out this brand new video clip...

There are hundreds of footwork drills in table tennis that can improve your anticipation, improve your ability to watch your opponent's racket, as well as improve your body positioning, balance, leg strength, leg speed, and many other vital aspect of the game. Today, I would like to share with you a very short clip from my dvd INTERNATIONAL TABLE TENNIS SKILLS. Check it out...


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