Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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The Details

Comparing Drills to Matches

One of the most frequently asked questions is..
“Samson, why do you do drills? Wouldn’t it be better to exclusively play matches each day?

Good Question. In preparing for the Olympic trials, there are many aspects of my game that I need to continually sharpen – strokes, footwork, serve, serve return, short game, offense, defense, etc… For isolating one or two aspects of the game, I can select unique drills to work that aspect over and over again during a 10 minute drill. So for performing drills, you can work on the specifics.

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The Newgy Ohio Open concluded with California's Dan Liu taking top honors and $1400 by winning both the u2600 and Open events with 20 consecutive wins! With groups of 8 players in every event and 4 advancing from each group, most players were able to play 15-25 matches over the course of the weekend. I would like to personally congratulate all the winners.
Here are the detailed match results:

80 MPH Forehand

Learn to put yourself in a difficult situation

Most of your practice time in table tennis should consist of doing game-situation drills. Game-like drills consist of a serve, return, and rally. HOWEVER, there are times during practice that you should put yourself in a bad situation to push yourself to the limit, to push yourself HARDER than you actually would go in a match.

FH/BH Grip

Learn more about your grip!

Forehand/Backhand Grip - Part 1

Forehand/Backhand Grip - Part 2

Thumb Positioning

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Watch the video!

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