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Tough Questions - Part II

This is the 2nd video in a series called TOUGH QUESTIONS
These questions were submitted within the last few weeks

(If the video looks blurry, go to the bottom right of the screen, click settings, and set the video for 720 HD)

Scared to Attack?

Tough Questions - Part 1





This is the first video in a series called TOUGH QUESTIONS

These questions were submitted to me during the last few weeks



Simple Basics

Grips, Angle, Stance, Timing

Fun Fitness

Check out the video

Fitness training should be fun and should be done together with players and coaches, friends and neighbors, kids and parents. Here is a little fitness routine that we did this week...

Hard Work!

Watch this video!

Dear Mom and Dad,

As we start off a new table tennis year, make it your goal this year to teach your kids how to work hard. All the US coaches now agree.... this is the toughest thing ever... dealing with half-heartedly-working-kids. If you don't teach your kids to work hard when they are 7 years old, then they won't likely work hard in high school, won't work hard in college, and they won't likely be good workers as adults either.

Check out what Simon Sinek has to say here...


Watch the full series of fitness videos by Samson Dubina

Corey Coleman vs Samson Dubina

Check out the action!

The Cleveland Brown's Corey Coleman vs Samson Dubina
76,000 fans watched live via the Bleacher Report Facebook page suggesting new interesting rackets like the Hammer of Thor......the hook......the pizza paddle.....and more

Rewatch the action below....


Get Advice From Robert Eriksson


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Here are a few short sections from the DVD.

Chopping Advice

Check out this video interview with Angela Guan

Angela Guan is currently the #1 American chopper. In this interview, she will be answering the questions...

#1 Why do choppers use pips?

#2 Why do choppers twiddle their rackets during the rallies?

#3 What advice would you give to beginner choppers?

#4 What does the future of choppers around the world?


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