Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Olympic Sport of Table Tennis

Benefits of TT

Olympic Sport of Table Tennis
Table tennis has become one of the most popular sports worldwide with 30 million tournament players and 300 Million recreational players worldwide.  Why is it so popular?  There are several primary reasons…
Family-Friendly for All Ages
Kids, parents, and grandparents can enjoy fun competition against each other or against others all seasons of the year – summer, fall, winter, and spring!  It is one of the only sports worldwide that a 7 year old can compete against a 20 year old and 70 year old equally.  This sport brings families together and it is also a great sport for a creative date-night in a fun environment. 
Physical Health
This is a full-body sport involving all muscle groups in a low-impact workout.  Recreational players burn an average of 200-400 calories/hour.  Professional players burn an average of 300-500 calories/hour during match play and 500-800 calories/hour during high intensity footwork drills.  Regardless if you are a senior wanting a light workout that is easy on the joints or a professional athlete preparing for the Olympics, it is un unbelievable workout. 
Mental Health
There have been many medical studies on table tennis in recent years with shocking results – it has been proven that table tennis athletes need to make hundreds of quick decisions judging the incoming speed, spin, placement, height, and depth of the ball while using their own tactics to give tricky variations to the opponent!  For kids, this is great for brain development.  For adults and seniors, it has been proven to reduce the severity of dementia and alzheimer’s and is now used at senior centers nationwide.  
Individual and Teamwork
As an individual sport, there is a high level of personal achievement when reaching one’s goals.  However, here at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy, we are building a team environment with players training together, competing together, and traveling to tournaments together.  You have the benefits of both – personal success in a team environment.
Low Cost
The cost to purchase used table, a couple paddles and balls is very low.  You have the option of doing it at home or going to the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy 2262 South Arlington Rd Akron, Ohio 44319.  The cost is only $5/day/person or $10/day/family.  For those players who take lessons, they also have the possibility at getting a college scholarship for table tennis. 
What we offer…
Drop-In Play

  • Mondays 4-10pm
  • Tuesdays 4-10pm
  • Wednesdays noon-6pm
  • Thursdays 4-10pm
  • Fridays 4-10pm
  • Saturdays noon-6pm

Advanced Group Classes

  • Mondays 6:30pm

Foundational Group Classes

  • Tuesdays 6:30pm

Kids Classes

  • Fridays 6:30pm

Singles League

  • Thursdays 6:30pm

Team League

  • Fridays 7:30pm

Private Lessons available daily
Coach Samson Dubina
Coach Chance Friend
Coach Blake Cottrell
Coach Joe Ciarrochi
Contact us today for more information…
New Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy
Address:  2262 South Arlington Rd Akron, Ohio 44319
Phone:  330-949-9230