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5 Robot Reasons

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Power Pong Robot Training
By Samson Dubina
There are dozens of reasons that I love robot training.  Today, I’m going to list 5 of the primary reasons that I feel Power Pong Robot training can help YOU!
Learning any skill in table tennis involves development in many different stages – understanding the skill, physically being able to do the skill, repeating the skill, learning to make the skill adjustable, using it in match play, and having confidence to use it during important moments in tournaments.  One of the biggest stages missing is the repetition.  With the Power Pong Robot, you can repeat the skill again and again and again with a stable ball or a variation ball.  The basic ideal is to have a high-quality shot that you can hit with 90% accuracy.  Once you are able to do it consistently at 90%, then the idea is to increase the balls per minute, create a cluster of balls, or change the speed or spin to give you more of a challenge.
Another huge benefit to robot training is practicing against extremes – extremely fast driving shots or extremely slow spinning loop or very heavy backspin chop.  Maybe no one at your club can produce that type of spin when looping, however, you struggle with it in tournaments.  Great News!  The Power Pong Robot can produce the simplest no-spin ball, to the spinniest 2800-level loop, to everything in between.
I love using the Power Pong Robot with beginners.  Why?  Because for someone to properly learn to time the ball, it requires me to stand behind them, hold their hand, and show them the balance, timing, and stroke.  This is much easier than simply using words and motions.  The Power Pong Robots feeds a consistent, stable no-spin ball.  I stand behind the player.  The learning is incredibly fast – this is a great combination for rapid improvement.  Rapid improvement?  Is this important?  YES, for sure!  Most people walk into a tt club and feel insecure and far-below the level of everyone else.  If the coach can help them have rapid improvement, the player feels more successful and is more likely to continue loving it!
High-Level Sequence
There are some ball sequences that elite players need to repeat over and over – such as short variation serve, half-long push to the wide forehand, random topspin loops and counterloops anywhere.  Without other high-level players at the club, how is the top dog in the club going to continue making progress?  Well he needs these high-level sequences to prepare for the next tournament. 
Regardless of how many lessons you take…
Regardless of who your coach is…
Regardless of how old you are…
Regardless of your playing level…
It is critically important to spend some quality time alone, thinking deeply about your game and the improvements you are making.  This can be done in a room by yourself, without your paddle and without a table.  This can also be further enhanced with robot training.  Close your eyes and think about those sequences that your coach has been working on with you – transitioning from forehand flip to backhand loop – transitioning from short push to deep push – transitioning from backhand block to forehand counterloop from the middle.  Thinking about these is great.  Isolating these sequences and working on them by yourself is even better!  You will get twice as much benefit from your lessons if you take notes, think deeply about it, and practice it with the robot before your next level.  This is a proven fact.  It has worked for many many players and it can work for you too!

Power Pong Omega (SAVE $450)

The human-simulator!  The Power Pong Omega is the best robot on the market!  It can given the full range of everything from no-spin to light spin to heavy spin and can easily switch multiple spins in the same rally.  All of these drill are easily controlled with the tablet (that comes free with the robot).  Feel free to use any of the 45 pre-programmed drills or touch on the screen to customize your own practice sessions.  Whatever your goals are, the Power Pong Omega is the right robot for you!
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  • Android Tablet Included!
  • App comes in 4 languages
  • Catch net to recycle balls for continuous play.
  • 45 pre-saved drills
  • 100 Power Pong 3-star balls 
  • All spin combinations
  • All spin levels
  • Mini remote control to start/stop robot and change ball frequency
    (the size of a car fob to keep in your pocket while playing)
  • Power Pong 3 years parts and labor warranty
  • 5-Star reviews
  • Made in Hungary
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