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11 Serving Tips

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In this article, I will be outlining 11 ways to perfect your serve:
#1 Use the serves that best setup your game
#2 Train them in a tournament environment
#3 Miss some serves
#4 Use your best serves early
#5 Vary the quality of spin
#6 Serve LOW
#7 Remember to attack
#8 Be willing to sacrifice a couple points
#9 Train them to perfection
#10 Use Visualization
#11 Play practice matches


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The Tactical Mindset

Post-Tournament Analysis

     Just like any other table tennis skills, developing a tactical mindset takes discipline.  As I work through the various styles over the coming weeks and teach you how to play against various opponents, I want you to understand that you too can think of your own tactics.  I’m not very smart, I’m just an average guy.  However, I do spend quality time thinking.  You too can develop this same discipline.

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Today, I would like to answer 2 main questions...
#1 Where is the money going?
#2 How does it grow table tennis?

Annual Fundraiser

Samson Dubina Educational TT Academy, 501(C)(3)

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The Samson Dubina Educational Table Tennis Academy, Inc. 501(C)(3) Non-Profit is taking the Olympic sport of table tennis to the next level here in Ohio!
The $60,000 is critically needed to support the daily training group of serious kids and adults looking to make major progress in 2022!

Coaches and Practice Partners

Ohio Winter Camps

Head Coach Samson Dubina
USOPC Coach of the Year
4x USATT Coach of the Year
ITTF Level III Certified Coach
US National Level Certified Coach
Coach of the 2021 Gold Medal Pan Am Boys Team
Assistant Coach Chance Friend
Full-Time at the Samson Dubina TT Academy
Former Professional Player
Assistant Coach Blake Cottrell
ITTF Level II Certified Coach
USATT Regional Level Coach
Training Partner Jessica Yamada
2021 Brazilian Olympian

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