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NEW Video by Samson Dubina

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Don't Make Me Mad...

Mentally Strong vs Mentally Weak

Some Random Stranger, “He definitely shouldn’t have done that!!!”
Samson, “Shouldn’t have done what?”    
Some Random Stranger, “He shouldn’t have chooooooed so loudly every time he hit the net or edge with a lucky shot!!!  He made me mad!  When I’m mad, I play so determined!”
Samson:  “So what happens when you aren’t mad?”

6 Types of Footwork Drills

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6 Types of Footwork Drills
Maximum Improvement with Your Power Pong Robot
By Coach Samson Dubina
There are several different types of footwork drills that you can and should be doing with your Power Pong Robot.  
#1 Systematic Side-to-Side Footwork Drills

Mental Strength

NEW Video by Samson Dubina


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Making Peace with the Edge

Learn to deal with half-long balls...

The score was 9-9 in the final game, your opponent served a half-long serve to your backhand, you thought that the serve was long enough to loop, but it wasn’t.  With a full backswing, you looped right into the table!  Ouch!  As blood began to gush from the back of your hand, you wondered to yourself how this could have been prevented.  In this article, I’m going to give you ten tips on how to make peace with the edge of the table.
1. Move both feet properly into position


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Grip Pressure

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