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Coaching @ Tournaments

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Coaching at Tournaments
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Questions that you should be asking yourself everyday!

During a private lesson at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy, I usually ask my student about 20-30 questions. 
So why do I ask them questions? 
Aren’t I getting paid to answer questions? 
Let me explain...   If a student keeps looping my push into the net, I will ask him…
A. Why is your backhand loop continually going into the net?
B. Were you watching my racket?
C. Did you read the amount of spin that I put on the ball?

Wrong Mindset in TT

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888 is having a tournament in September.  I just wanted to let you know about it.
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Equipment Reviews - by Sarah Jalli

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Check out the NEW Equipment reviews by u15 and u17 US National Champion Sarah Jalli!

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Winning Deuce Games!

Learn the keys to making or breaking your next tournament

There are several keys that you must remember when playing deuce games. 
#1 The first key to remember is…   what you did right.  You have won 10 points during the game and you must have a clear memory as to which serves won the point outright and which serves setup your game best.  You also must have a clear memory about which locations worked best and what game patters worked best.

5 National Teams in 2021

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The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy would like to congratulate Sarah on recently winning the u15 and u17 events at the 2021 US Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada!  In addition to these titles, she has also become the only player in 2021 to make 5 national teams!
#1 on the u15 National Team
#1 on the u17 National Team
#4 on the u19 National Team
#2 on the Pan Am Team
#3 on the Women's National Team