Coach Samson Dubina US National Team Coach 4x USATT Coach of the Year

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Hitting Zone

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Backhand Hitting Zone

One of the most common questions is…
“What are similarities and differences between forehand and backhand loops?

There are many differences, but today I just want to talk briefly about the hitting zone…

When looping, the forehand hitting zone is wider, deeper, and taller. This means that you can produce a high quality loop even if you need to reach bit out or hit a bit late or early or high or low. The backhand is much tougher because it requires more precision on the footwork, adjustments with the backswing, and wrist snap at the point of contact. For this reason, I would highly recommend practicing you backhand loop against variation balls. Now it might see impossible to practice all aspects at one time, so I recommend working on 1 adjustment at a time. Have you robot or training partner give you…

1. Push anywhere in the backhand half table (seen in the video) to practice your lateral movement.
2. Push various speeds to your backhand to adjust the timing of the swing.
3. Push various heights to your backhand to adjust the height of your backswing.
4. Push various spins to your backhand to adjust your racket angle and timing.

Without proper adjustments, your backhand loop will never become a useful weapon against all type of opponents. Knowing about it is the first step! Training it is the next step! Get to work!