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An article related to improving players table tennis skills.

Healthy for the Mind!

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Coaching Article by Samson Dubina

-By Samson Dubina
In table tennis, spinning the racket in the hand is called twiddling.  For certain playing styles, this skill is an absolute necessity.  In this article, I’m going to briefly describe who should twiddle, when to twiddle, technique for twiddling, twiddling equipment, twiddle training, and twiddle tricks.
Who Should Twiddle

The Perfect Stroke

Read about the 4 Elements!


What is the perfect stroke anyway?

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Online Student Notes

Check out his homework for the week

I recently gave one of my online students an assignment to write down a listing of ways he can improve his mental game during a training session.  Many players think that tournament play is when they become "tournament tough" but this student is learning that some of the foundational principles and routines can (and should) be applied to practice sessions as well!!!
Hi Coach Samson,
Here are some things I came up with for “becoming mentally tough during practice”:

Targeting the Transition

Check out these new drills!

Targeting the Transition
“You need to attack his middle.”
“I recommend that you play 80% of your hits to his transition point.”
“Hunt the elbow – play the elbow – your opponent gets jammed easily!”

20 Different Opponents!

This year, become a tactical tournament player!

Playing the right tactics is one of the vital keys to winning your next match.  In order to know which tactics to play, it is often helpful to label your opponent as a looper, chopper, lobber, blocker, etc.  Once you have placed him in a category, then you can begin making a game-plan.  (please realize that many playing styles overlap)
Check out these tactics articles on playing specific opponents:

Safety Update


Safety Update from Samson Dubina


The Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy is still open. Is it safe? Will there be an outbreak of the virus? Will we continue to be open? Will you still be having tournaments? Yes, my friends, there are many questions being submitted from my followers worldwide. Today, I would like to answer 6 of the common questions...



#1 Who can go to the academy?

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