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An article related to improving players table tennis skills.

#1 in Ohio

Senura Silva

The Sri Lanka Men's Singles Champion has been training here at the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy for the past 3 months!  He has been making amazing progress!  For the last two weeks, he has been undefeated at the strongest league in the midwest (The Paddle Palace Ohio League).  His amazing performance has boosted his league ranking and he is now ranked #1 in Ohio at 2619!  We are so proud of his daily efforts, great attitude, and persistence at reaching for the top!


Learn to Control Your Thoughts

Distractions are all around us.
Some are preventable, others are not.
When competing in table tennis, you must do everything possible to avoid the avoidable.
You also must do everything possible to everything possible to block out the unavoidable.

Welcome Yutaka Nakano!

Welcome to Akron, Ohio!

Hi Friends,

We welcome Yutaka Nakano here to the Samson Dubina Table Tennis Academy for 3-months of intense training!  He will be here with us in Akron, Ohio practicing twice daily as well as joining all of the tournaments and weekly leagues!

So what about you?
Are you ready to join us?

Come in August, September, or October.  The cost is $300/week for training and $25/day for housing and transportation!  To sign up, just reply to this e-mail or call me 330-949-9230.

Serve or Receive?


If you win the toss, which do you choose?  Serve or Receive?
This article starts off seemingly insignificant but concludes with the main point.  You must read the full article to understand the thought process…

Advanced Training

Join the daily action!

Hi Friends,

Yes, I welcome YOU to join us this year here in Akron, Ohio!


NEW Coaching Article by Samson Dubina

-New Coaching Article by Samson Dubina
The way you manage pressure has a huge impact on your performance.  About 90% of coaches don’t rightly understand this important concept.  This article isn’t designed to offend average coaches, but rather to educate both coaches and players as to what it means to be mentally strong.
Average Coach

Between Points

Learn about the most under-developed part of table tennis

The average match in table tennis takes about 20 minutes.  Out of the 20 min, about 5 min total is spent on rallies.  The other 15 minutes is spent picking up the ball, preparing for the serve, taking towel breaks, taking timeouts, and getting coaching advice.  So, here is the question that I would like for you to consider…
If only 25% of the match time is spend playing points, then why do we spend 99.9% of our effort on that portion of the game and we spend about 0.1% of our effort on the dead time???

Tactical Lecture

Check it out!


Serve Return

Interactive Lecture at the Ohio Mega Camps


Tournament Preparation

NEW Coaching Video - By Samson Dubina



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