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An article related to improving players table tennis skills.

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5 Levels of Communication

Player / Coach Relationship

To reach your highest potential, you and your coach must communicate on a detailed level realizing that communication is a two-way street.  In this article, I’m going to outline the 5 levels of communication, then briefly discuss how you can reach your peak potential.
Level 1 – Hallway Talk
“Hey, what’s up man.  How you doing?” 

The Table Tennis Mind

Conscious vs Subconscious Mind




NEW Coaching Article by Samson Dubina

Playing Out of Your Mind
Coaching Article by Samson Dubina
When Olympic athletes perform their best, they play smoothly, moving into position hitting strong shots without overthinking about the technical details of their strokes. There are two main things that they do really well.
#1 They establish strong basic techniques and get thousands of hours of repetitions.
 #2 They trust their skills and allow their bodies to work automatically.
So what about you?


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Reverse Preparation

Prepare Differently This Season

Many table tennis athletes begin the season with refining their basic technique and working on developing a solid base for footwork and consistency with many systematic drills.  As they get closer to their peak tournament, they then begin a more tactical approach.  When they know which exact opponents they will compete against, then they begin specific tactical preparation for that exact opponent. 
This is good, but I’m going to propose a slightly different approach for you…

Tournament Coaching

This Weekend!

Tournament Coaching



We are excited to now offer coaching to both academy members and non-members. We have 5 coaches in-house that are available to coach you throughout the weekend. Send me a text 330-949-9230 if you would like coaching on your matches, and we will be happy to book a coach to support you. Thanks!



Coach Samson Dubina

$150/match for non-members

$80/match for members


Coach Chance Friend

$50/match for non-members

$30/match for members


Coach Jeff Yamada

Jet Lag

Traveling To Tournaments

Regardless if you are traveling across the world or even across the United States to the US Nationals, changing timezone can cause jet lag for anyone.  
Could it affect your performance?  
There are 5 quick tips that I would like to share...

NEW Memberships

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