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Camp Review

By Frank Yin

3 Weeks at the Ohio Mega Camps
By: Frank Yin 
"If you want to improve, you have to implement the things we learned at the camp into your game". Coach Samson is saying that applying the topics we learned from the summer camps into our matches will help us improve.  At the 3 week table tennis camps, we focused on foundational strokes, tactics, and serve/serve return. We covered a variety of topics and trained vigorously to improve our skills.  During the camps, I fixed many problems with my technique, learned new skills, and gained a better understanding of table tennis.
Firstly, I improved my underdeveloped forehand and my loop against underspin. When I was training, I worked on correcting my technique and creating more spin with the help of many coaches. In particular, Coach Kai pointed out problems with my forehand loop, and reminded me what I should focus on while practicing. Also, I started using more of my legs when looping underspin from playing with choppers. Furthermore, Coach Bruno emphasized that I used my entire body to generate lots of topspin on my loop against underspin and to wait longer for the ball to drop. Overall, I had improved my technique from the help of coaches and training partners. 
Next, I was introduced to skills I rarely or never used. For example, we worked on flipping against underspin, wide pushes, and short pushes. The coaches taught us when we should use them and how they could improve our game. We learned about many new serves and their variations of spin. Specifically, Coach Larry helped me create more spin on my serves and make my serves more deceiving. Since I learned many new skills, I can implement them into my game to add variation.
Moreover, I have learned more about many aspects of table tennis. For instance, I discovered that taking time in between points is crucial. It helps me learn from previous mistakes and gives me time to think about how I can improve. From listening to Coach Larry, I understood many concepts that I had mistakenly understood before. For example, he told me that serving short isn’t about tapping the ball barely over the net but that it was about brushing the ball. I had previously thought that I had to contact the ball slowly and lightly in order to serve short but I was mistaken. And I have become aware of the importance of using my body, staying low, and using more spin. All in all, grasping more concepts of table tennis has helped me focus on elements I need to work on.
My experience at the Ohio Mega Camps has been a very fun learning experience. I am so fortunate to have the chance to meet lots of experienced and friendly coaches, training partners, and other players. And I have learned a lot from them. As a result, I have tried to implement various topics from the camps into my game.

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